Aberdeen Release 1.0

Beta Test Applications

It's been half a year since our team's journey in creating a novel North American OMSI 2 Map. From the beginning, we set a goal to create a map that maintained a healthy balance between quality and quantity. Now, we are nearly finished the development of the first phase of the map. We are calling on experienced OMSI 2 players, both from our North American audience and worldwide, to apply for testing our map before its eventual release. We are open to feedback and changes that will help further the mission we embarked on these past couple of months, and are looking forward to expand our development and feedback team. Please take the chance to apply below and help with the development of the map. We are thankful for all of the feedback we have received and look forward to working with the community to create a memorable and lasting map.​

Applications are due May 30, 2021.

Please ensure that you have joined the NorthWest Studios Discord Server (link in banner)

prior to applying for a beta test position. Contact will be made primarily on this platform.